Now more than ever, the importance of social and spiritual connections couldn’t be greater. Within a flash we’ve learned that the materialism of lavish excess has little significance in everyday life, at least for the time being.

Moving forward, it will be vital to take time to invite peace and calm into our lives, whether it’s through meditation, prayer or simply closing our eyes for a few moments in total silence or with music softly filling the air.

As we shift to moments centered on meaningfulness, we here at Chickeeboom have refocused our energies to create simple, beautiful, thoughtfully designed necklaces, charms and leather bracelets with the highest quality materials, featuring either symbols or words of inspiration intended to instill hope, joy, and maybe even a little laughter, everything we make is with this in mind.

It’s time to give a gift with deeper meaning, whether it’s for you to wear yourself or those you hold most dear. 

Rebecca Ramos,
​Chickeeboom Founder, Designer


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