We started this venture in the summer of 2019 as a fun endeavor that we could all pursue part time together. None of us had any experience in anything balls, but we hit the ground running! After countless hours, numerous ball samples, hand cut paper prototypes, lots of googling, late nights, blood, sweat, tears and hugs… we launched the first Holiball® on November 1, 2019. Our budget could only afford four colors and 1,000 units to sell. Not knowing what to expect, we were beyond excited with the love we received from our customers. We completely sold out of stock faster than we had ever imagined.

Our success snowballed into 2020 and took us traveling across the U.S. We launched 22 colors at Dallas Market Center in January 2020 and it seems like we have been on the road since!  We have found a lot of love for Holiball® from Mom & Pop Shops to Boutiques to Shark Tank. We are proud to say Holiball® has officially landed in 8 countries, 36 states, and almost 200 stores.

We want to thank everyone who has loved us, believed in us, and supported us along the way. Cheers to this holiday season and Happy Holiball®!

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