Seasoned Straws

Our Story

We've been together long enough for Ben to know I like a spicy cocktail. He was creating a drink for me one Saturday night and wondered aloud, "Wouldn't it be great to have straws with different seasonings?" Ummmm, yesssss.

Within a week, we had flavor combinations, a provisional patent in process, and sample packaging en route.And I haven't looked back since.

I'm a serial entrepreneur who's passionate about female-led businesses. I believe nothing emboldens a woman like owning the damn thing. Owning and operating Seasoned Straws is an absolute dream.

I don't know... maybe that's weird to think of a straw business as a dream come-true, but here's the thing—I'm not in the straw business. I'm in the savor the moment business.

I've always been about those small moments in life worth celebrating ... and the big ones that deserve a flourish of fanfare. And that's what Seasoned Straws is to me—it's a way to facilitate connection, celebration and the simple pleasures in life.

I'm proud of our straws. They're delicious, outright sexy, playful and strong (like my girlfriends who've supported me as I launched our business).  

A toast to you—may you savor every moment with those you love most. I know I sure do.


Julie Drake

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