Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)
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Love Knot Bracelets (Assorted)


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Love Knot Expandable Bracelets (Assorted) 

The most hyper-specific friendship bracelets available. Each color is an ode to the best parts of any kind of connection, and it’s cool enough to wear even if you don’t have any friends.

Sizes availableLarge and Small


Finishes Available:

  • Platinum Black

    For the friend that always has your back, from moving day to moving on. Whether  “heavy lifting” is about furniture or the times it’s not. But you’ll never see them make a big deal about it. They navigate all life’s sharp and awkward angles, and somehow you always kick your feet up together at the end. Cheers, besties.

  • Platinum Gold  

    There’s funny, and then there’s the obscure art form you perfected and casually call “an inside joke.” With punchlines as niche as the failed TV pilots that no one else remembers but you still quote, who share the inability to keep a straight face no matter the severity.

  • Platinum Silver 

    For the friendships built on brutal honesty and unfiltered opinions. From telling you that you have something in your teeth, to “that relationship/shirt/mindset isn’t doing you any favors”. They’ll let you know when your ideas are genius and when they’re... well, not.

  • Rose Gold  

    For the friend that you can call at 3 AM — whether you need support or just to show them you can hit that one Mariah Carey note if you stand a certain way and not move — They’ll hear you out either way, and that’s why they’re your rock.

  • Sapphire  

    This bracelet is an unspoken pact — for the friend who knows your deepest secrets, like how you really feel about [redacted] or what actually happened at the 2016 holiday party. Yes, you both have enough dirt to plant a forest, but you choose to nurture each other’s growth instead. It’s worth celebrating.

  • Spectra  

    For that friend who really knows you. They’re with you during your attempts to “not feed into the negativity” before 6 PM, and still answer the phone at midnight to hear your real rant. They’ve bravely navigated your vegan phase, keto phase, paleo phase, and still meet you for dinner. This bracelet celebrates the friend who has seen your unfiltered selfie drafts, and admires you whether you’re the crown jewel or a diamond in the rough phase.


Material & Finish

What is Metalystic, and How do you get the cool colors? Is it Hypoallergenic?

We create the Metalystic colors on our bracelets using a unique method that isn’t traditional plating, but actually vaporization that is deposited onto the recycled brass base. This not only looks amazingly cool, but also keeps them hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and tarnish-resistant. The Metalystic finish is also durable, keeping the vibrant colors and shine over time.


  • Recycled metals
  • Expandable and adjustable 
  • Hypo-allergenic nickel free
  • Tarnish resistant
  • Handcrafted in RI

Jewelry Care

  • Your jewelry loves attention but hates grime. A simple wipe down with a soft cloth does wonders for the dirt and oil that happens to the best of us.
  • Need a deep clean? Mix gentle soap and warm water. Notice the word “gentle” — don’t go rogue with aggressive cleaners. Give your piece a bath, then pat it dry.
  • Avoid perfume, hairspray, and lotions on your jewelry.
  • Remove before swimming, bathing, or deep cleaning your house to the best of the 90s playlist. 
  • Store in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing it.

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